USHLI Congratulates Dr. Jose Angel Gutierrez

USHLI Congratulates Dr. Jose Angel Gutierrez
Dr. Jose Angel Gutierrez, recipient of USHLI’s National Hispanic Hero Award, claimed 2nd place for his latest book, “The Eagle has Eyes: The FBI Surveillance of Cesar Estrada Chavez of the United Farm Workers Union of America, 1965-1975” in Los Angeles, CA on September 21, 2019. A prolific writer and the nation’s foremost authority on the Chicano struggle for social justice, political empowerment, and educational reform (bicultural, bilingual and biliterate), Jose Angel won 1st place for his biography on “Albert Pena, Jr.: Dean of Chicano Politics” (Michigan State University Press). The International Latino Book Awards was a highly competitive event. Winners were chosen from 261 finalists among the 2,897 authors in 95 categories of books. 

To receive a complete list of books written by Jose Angel and to request an autographed copy of any of his books, email him at Also, please click on the link below to see the video produced by Rocket Productions for USHLI, which accompanied the presentation of our National Hispanic Hero Award to Dr. Gutierrez earlier this year.

Finally, Dr. Juan Andrade, USHLI President, highly recommends his friend and mentor Jose Angel as a speaker at universities and annual Hispanic events. According to Juan Andrade, Dr. Gutierrez is the most dynamic, fiery, and powerful speaker on the timely topic of political empowerment and strongly urges our friends, alumni and supporters to invite him to address any events your organizations or universities will be having this year and especially 2020.


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